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College of Southern Maryland

As a community college serving multiple counties, FATV has allowed us to provide our students access to timely information that is accessible in a 24/7 format.  The implementation process was smooth and the staff members at FATV are quick to respond to questions and have provided outstanding service.

Christian Zimmermann

Director of Financial Assistance
, College of Southern Maryland

College of Southern Nevada

FATV provided us with many ideas for promoting our GetSAP online counseling sessions and reaching the greatest number of students possible. Since we have started using GetSAP, our students have had less questions regarding our policies, and we have reduced our number of disgruntled students who were unaware of the SAP policies until they violated SAP. The reporting tools provided by FATV allow us to track the impact these sessions have on our student’s understanding of the concepts and have solidified these sessions are essential for our student’s understanding of SAP policies and the appeal process.

Vikki Goeke

Assistant Vice President of Financial Aid
, College of Southern Nevada
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Virginia Western Community College

We use some of the basic videos on our SAP webpages and as part of our online Student Support Center help articles so all students have immediate access to learn about SAP.

Chad Sartini

Director of Financial Aid & Veterans' Affairs
, Virginia Western Community College
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Modesto Junior College

FATV is a great resource for the Financial Services Department. In challenging budget times with fewer staff, FATV provides 24/7 availability to answer students’ questions. FATV also provides us with data to support our assessment and planning efforts. The support from FATV is excellent! They keep up with changes to federal and state regulations and provide new material in a very timely manner. This is a quality product!

Peggy Fikse

Director of Student Financial Services
, Modesto Junior College

Bellarmine University

This service has provided our students with a tool that answers FAQs in a format that they can easily use and is accessible any time of day. The service has been very easy to implement and the staff has been wonderful and helpful throughout the process.

Heather Boutell

Director of Financial Aid
, Bellarmine University
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Stevenson University

FATV is one of the quality ways we provide information to students and families. The use of FATV has consistently grown during the past year and has reduced calls to our office. We are very pleased to be a partner with FATV and look forward to further developing our use of the system.

Barbara Miller

Director of Financial Aid
, Stevenson University

Greenfield Community College

We appreciate FATV for ease of implementation, ease-of-use, and great customer service. We have found FATV to be incredibly responsive to changes in financial aid regulations, as well. This fits with our student population, which although small, is in need of a great deal of information in order to move through the financial aid application process smoothly.

Linda Desjardins

Director of Financial Aid
, Greenfield Community College

Dallas Baptist University

FATV has helped our students become more knowledgeable about aid programs, the application process, and how to maximize aid based on their individual situations.

Lee S. Ferguson

Director of Financial Aid
, Dallas Baptist University

Wayne Community College

FATV has been an excellent resource for our students. Overall, it has reduced the number of phone inquiries significantly. The information is tailored to our school and regularly maintained. FATV has been an awesome resource for the office. It is a worthwhile investment.

Brenda Mercer

Director of Financial Aid
, Wayne Community College

Bucks County Community College

I recently used my FATV GetAnswers videos to train a new employee. I was amazed how on his second day on the job he started answering the phone and was helping others. He knows first hand how valuable a resource GetAnswers is when he promotes the service, as the videos helped him!

Donna Wilkoski

Director of Financial Aid
, Bucks County Community College
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University of Massachusetts Amherst

The videos are short and concise. They provide functionality that allows you to embed the video into your site with the related content and allows the student the ability to read content and to watch a video that reinforces the content.

Suzanne Peters

Director of Financial Aid Services
, University of Massachusetts Amherst
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Ivy Tech Community College

Our students love the videos and our Marketing Department loves the ease of embedding the videos on our webpages.  Last year, over 163,000 videos were viewed from our web pages.  Great product.

Ben Burton

Chief Student Financial Resources Officer
, Ivy Tech Community College
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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Worldwide

ERAU-WW is uniquely structured with campuses across the globe. FATV GetAnswers has provided additional financial aid support to our students/staff enabling them to be more self-sufficient and confident in their FA decision making. The custom video option has given us the ability to illustrate in-depth topics through simplified means which is crucial for our working non-traditional students.

Dagmar Bowen

Director of Financial Aid
, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Worldwide
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Las Positas College

We are delighted to finally be able to add FATV as an excellent informational resource on our website. I am so appreciative and delighted at how easy this was to implement!

Andi Schreibman

Financial Aid Officer
, Las Positas College

Wentworth Institute of Technology

Since launching FATV, it has been an incredible resource for our students and staff. With FATV we are able to offer support to our students 24/7 on an expansive list of topics. The list is constantly updated with changes to federal regulations. Working with the FATV Staff has been a pleasure. They were such a guiding hand through the launch, and have continued to be a wonderful source of support and encouragement.

Mady Scolnick

Assistant Director of Financial Aid
, Wentworth Institute of Technology
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Hostos Community College

This tool has become an essential and educative tool that has been used by our student-body to enrich their knowledge on Satisfactory Academic Progress, as well as basic financial aid procedures. The accessibility of this information and use of this service has broadened our ability to disseminate information to students and their families. I highly recommend this tool to any higher education administrator.

Joseph Alicea

Former Director of Financial Aid Services at Hostos Community College (CUNY)
, Hostos Community College

Kennesaw State University

FATV has been a cost saver - by freeing up counselors and processors to be more effective in their respective roles.

Ron Day

Financial Aid Director
, Kennesaw State University

Pierce College

FATV's GetSAP product has revolutionized the way we present our SAP policy to students. Since launching our GetSAP Center, we have had amazing usage by our students. In addition, FATV provides comprehensive reporting options for us to track the students completing GetSAP sessions as well as their individual performance. We can also track Student Learning Outcomes. Their customer support has assisted us in analyzing the data and provides creative suggestions for making adjustments to our sessions to improve the student experience and our data tracking

Anafe Robinson

Financial Aid Director
, Pierce College
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SUNY Orange County Community College

Both students and staff have complimented the Financial Aid Office and our Student Support Initiatives Staff Team on the positive impact the videos have in understanding difficult financial aid topics. We steer students to the videos to explain difficult financial aid concepts in a quick and simplified format.

John Ivankovic

Director of Financial Aid
, SUNY Orange County Community College

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

The FATV plug in for our CampusLogic AwardLetter has to be the easiest implementation we have ever done. All I had to do was select which videos I wanted to use on the award letters and the FATV team and CampusLogic teams took care of the rest. We had no issues whatsoever with the videos. They worked flawlessly from day one. The FATV team provided excellent support and direction throughout implementation which made the process feel so effortless. We have received positive feedback from students viewing the videos. I wholeheartedly recommend this product to anyone interested in providing a more informative award letter for their students.

Jennifer Buckles

Director of Financial Aid
, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
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Northern Virginia Community College

FATV videos have added a multidimensional, student-friendly dynamic to our website! We increased student use by embedding the videos within topics pertinent to each video and within the self-help Knowledgebase of information compiled for our Blackboard Support Center. We added customized videos for subjects pertinent to NOVA students. FATV is always prompt in updating videos when federal policies or processes change. We don’t have to worry about constantly reproducing the content, which makes maintenance a breeze!

Joan Zanders

Director of Financial Aid
, Northern Virginia Community College
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Ohio Christian University

One of our favorite things about FATV is the chance to create custom videos since we have a large population of non-traditional students.  FATV has also been a helpful tool for our Admissions Teams as they recruit students for OCU.

Allison Browning

Assistant Director of Financial Aid
, Ohio Christian University
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Chabot College

We have found that FATV’s visual video format appeals to our students, who have been absorbing their knowledge for years this way. We are hugely appreciative that FATV keeps up with the multiple changes to federal and state regulations, continually providing new material, which keeps us current with financial aid advising.  And the customer service and support is impeccable.

Kathy Linzmeyer

Financial Aid Director
, Chabot College

Los Angeles Harbor College

FATV worked directly with me and my staff to review the comprehension questions and determine how we could best present the material to assist our students.
FATV staff used their experience with other clients to provide us with ideas that we did not think of ourselves and provide our students with the best user and education experience possible.
We now have a new avenue in the form of an interactive, online counseling sessions, in addition to our printed materials, that will boost our student's comprehension of our SAP policy and appeal process.

Peggy Loewy Wellisch

Financial Aid Director
, Los Angeles Harbor College
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Fullerton College

GetSAP has allowed our students to learn and understand SAP in their own time, 24/7. It is customized to our individual SAP policy, processes, and procedures. I highly recommend this product to anyone!

Greg Ryan

Director of Financial Aid
, Fullerton College
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University of Massachusetts Amherst 2

FATV has provided UMass Amherst with a new way to provide complex financial aid information. The videos are short and concise. FATV provides functionality that allows you to embed the video into your site with the related content. Giving the student the ability to read content and to watch a video that reinforces the content. The product is very user friendly.

Suzanne Peters

Former Director of Financial Aid Services
, University of Massachusetts Amherst
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University of California, Merced

More than a third of students enrolled at UC Merced speak a language other than English in their home.  As a designated Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI), we recently adopted FATV’s Spanish internationalization to better serve our students and their families.  We are very excited about this new functionality, and are working to create a marketing campaign to advertise it to our students.

Ron Radney, Ed.D.

Director, Financial Aid & Scholarships
, University of California, Merced
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Western Technical College

FATV serves as a key addition to any marketing plan executed in the education industry to increase awareness regarding financial aid and financial literacy . The educational video collection that FATV provides, in addition to marketing templates for consumer awareness and ongoing customer support and recommendations, are instrumental elements that can be incorporated throughout any educational institutions marketing platforms.

Donna Villarreal

Reliable Marketing & Media, Inc.
, Western Technical College

Montgomery College

We were amazed at the immediate positive response to FATV. Families, faculty, staff, and administration have all found pertinent, useful information in these videos.  The team at FATV is incredibly easy to work with, and very creative in their ideas for custom videos. Truly excellent customer service.

Melissa F. Gregory

Chief Enrollment Services and Financial Aid Officer
, Montgomery College

Montgomery College II

FATV is an invaluable resource to our students and has always been a worthwhile investment. We use the videos on the web, on TVs in our hallways, and in our workshops. Parents at our financial aid workshops tell us they like going back to the videos we reference to review step by step procedures. They are so clear and concise we often attach specific videos to email responses to supplement answers to basic inquiries about the FAFSA and IRS data retrieval.

Melissa F. Gregory

Chief Enrollment Services and Financial Aid Officer
, Montgomery College
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University of Kansas

FATV provides answers to financial aid questions in a format students often prefer. FATV is very responsive in developing new videos, addressing issues that arise such as the DRT outage.

Stephanie Covington

Associate Director for Financial Aid & Scholarships
, University of Kansas

Alvernia University

FATV has been a great tool for our students.  The videos provide just the right amount of information on the ‘hot’ financial aid topics we want our students to know.

Christine D. Saadi

Student Financial Planning
, Alvernia University

University of Kansas

FATV provides answers to financial aid questions in a format students often prefer. The process of adding FATV videos to our website was simple. As campus colleagues have viewed the videos, many have asked to post links to the FATV videos on their websites, providing even greater access to this student-friendly online tool.

Brenda Maigaard

Assistant Vice Provost for Financial Aid & Scholarships
, University of Kansas

University of Texas – Dallas

Students absorb information in different ways. For some students, a multimedia explanation of financial aid topics is easier to understand than text.  FATV makes our website more user friendly.  The fact that the content is accurate and up to date also makes my job much easier.

Bill Mack

Associate Director of Financial Aid
, University of Texas - Dallas

University of Maryland, College Park

FATV is a great product. It summarizes the complex financial aid regulations and addresses the needs of our students.

Monique Boyd

Director Client Services
, University of Maryland - College Park

Georgia Northwestern Technical College

FATV's GetSAP product was extremely easy to implement.  If we are able retain 2 or 3 students by getting them back into Good Standing through the use of the GetSAP Counseling Center, it will pay for itself. 

Stephen Andersen

Executive Director of Financial Aid
, Georgia Northwestern Technical College
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